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Musings On the Rogue Audio Triton & Ares Phono Stages:




Here is my write up on Bay Audio, makers of in wall and in ceiling speakers:




The $4000 a pair THOR monoblock amplifiers:




In For Review:

Brand new from Darwin Cables..The Truth Silver Reference $1200 Interconnect. MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA____________________________________________________________________


In For Review are the very cool:

Anthony Gallo A’Diva  SE satellites with TR-3D subwoofer.




Hot off the presses!

The  $5750 Plinius Hautonga Integrated Amplifier review now live:




Download Tone Audio Issue 62:


Check out my reviews of the Plinius Tiki and the Simaudio Neo 380 DAC/Streamer.



New Article!

Here is my write up of the CLONES Audio 25i Integrated Amplifier:




Live on Positive-Feedback.com:

A review of the KingRex UPower and uArt Y USB Cable




In For Review!

The  $499 Denon DA-300USB DAC & Headphone Amp.

It does all sample rates including DXD and DSD

Stay tuned!



Review is LIVE!

The $3600 a pair KEF R700 Floorstanding Speakers:




In for review:

The $4000 a pair Merrill Audio Thor Mono amps!

Stay Tuned!



New Review Is Live:

The $2500 Marantz SA-14S1 SACD Player & DSD DAC:




Coming in for review…

The Clones Audio Sheva DAC... The Musical Fidelity V90 Amp: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


Brand New Article!

Is Musical Incuriosity a Preventable Disease?

The High Fidelity Report:




Brand New Review:

The $299 Musical Fidelity V90 DAC:




In For Review:

The  $5750 Plinius Hautonga Integrated Amplifier!



Brand New Review!

The $3499 Marantz NA-11S1 Reference Network Player/DAC




The High Fidelity Report:

5 Artists to Cure your Audiophilitis: Modern Retro Week!




Review Is Live!

The Genesis G7c Loudspeakers:




Download Issue 60 of Tone Audio Magazine FREE!




Korg is offering their DSD AudioGate playback and conversion software for free……

….with Twitter account verification.

Check it out:




In For Review, the $3000 a pair 300B SE mono block amps from Hans Audio, out of Taiwan.

12.5 watts per side!



Review is live:

The $699 Carot One Ernestolone Integrated Amp/Headphone Amp/USB DAC:




On the Tone Audio website:

New Review!

The Channel Islands Audio Transient MkII USB convertor/DAC:




Brand New Review of Positive-Feedback.com:

The Rogue Stereo 100 power amp-



In for review:

A killer pair of new products from Marantz:

The NA-11S1 streamer, file player, and DAC, and the SA-14S1 SACD player/DAC.

Stay tuned!



In For Review: Lots of Goodies…

1-Oppo 105 Universal Disc Player/DAC/Streamer: 2-SIM Neo 380D DAC: 3-Rogue Audio Sphinx integrated amp: 4-Plinius Tiki Network Streamer:



The KEF LS50 Review is Live!

Check it out:




New Review: The Furutech Flux Series Cables

Now live on avrev.com, a review of the excellent Furutech Flux series of cables, including interconnects, speaker cable, and power cords.
Read the review HERE:



Download Issue 58 of Tone Audio now!



Tone Audio Puts Review Archives Online!

Tone Audio has started to post their review archives online!

Check it out at www.tonepublications.com.

Here is my Music First Classic V2 preamp review:




New Review: The John Kenny Ciunas USB DAC

Hot off the presses!
The John Kenny Ciunas USB DAC. Review is HERE:



Follow Up: The Burson Conductor and Timekeeper mono block amps

Now live on PFO, a follow up to the Burson Conductor preamp/DAC and Timekeeper Stereo amp,  I take a look at the Timekeeper in mono block mode. Double the fun!

Review is here:



Gary Clark Jr. at the House of Blues, San Diego

Blues rock phenom Gary Clark Jr., hand picked by Eric Clapton  several years ago to play his now well established Crossroads festival, stormed into San Diego September 27th to rock the House of Blues. The capacity crowd was treated to a generous helping of his debut album , Blak and Blu, and some choice cover songs, including B.B. King’s classic “3 O’Clock Blues”.


Read more HERE:



Thank GOD for Jake Bugg: Live in San Diego 10/02/13

Folks, thank GOD for Jake Bugg, a 19 year old from the U.K, whose debut album is a throwback to the early to mid 60′s, even in production style. His songs are heartfelt, and he has unlimited potential. At the House of Blues in San Diego, I was…read more here!



Review is Live! The Channel Islands Audio PLC-1 MKII

Review is Live!: The $899 Channel Islands Audio PLC-1 MKII




New Products From KEF

From KEF, the  new X300A Wireless desktop speakers, as well as the V300 dual-speaker home theatre system.

The X300A Wireless speakers take the award-winning layout of the X300A speakers, and add in DLNA and Airplay wireless connectivity. They will have an MSRP of $999 (U.S.) for the pair, and be available in both Gunmetal and Linear White.

The V300 system is a part of KEF’s V Series, and combines a slim, 1.4-inch depth with a pair of 4.5-inch bass drivers and a 1-inch tweeter with the renowned KEF ‘tangerine’ waveguide. The included amplifier with onboard EQ can be mounted to the back of a TV set, or elsewhere, with all connectivity coming through a single HDMI 1.4 cable (included). The V300 has an MSRP of $899 (U.S.).



The Channel Islands Audio D-200 MKII & D-500 MKII amplifiers get a cosmetic overhaul!




Roisin O: Irish Singer Songwriter

A fellow named Darragh contacted me about an Irish singer songwriter named Roisin O.

Check out her videos below. Very talented female singer songwriter:



CDs here:




In For Review:

Just arrived: The Rogue Audio Stereo 100 power amp.

It uses 4 KT120s to provide 100 wpc. The introductory price is $2995.

Early impressions indicate this may be one of the best sounding Rogue amps I have heard to date.



Review is Live: The Burson Conductor and Timekeeper

Review is Live:



In For Review: The John Kenny Ciunas USB DAC

Just arrived from Dublin, Ireland, the $720 John Kenny Ciunas USB DAC!

I’m impressed out of the box..full review to come.



Review is Live: The Merrill Audio Veritas Mono Blocks!

Check out the review of the Merrill Audio Veritas Mono Block amps on Tone Audio

Read the full review HERE!:



Review is live!

The Empirical Audio Synchro-Mesh Re-Clocker, is an excellent tweak for legacy digital products

Read the full review HERE:



In For Review: Furutech Reference Cables

In for review..from Japan…reference level Furutech cables! Don’t ask the prices…but early impressions are these approach SOTA…. Interconnects, Speaker cables, and power cords…



Review Is Live: The NuForce DDA-100 integrated amplifier

The $550 NuForce DDA-100 integrated amplifier. _____________________________________________________________________________________


In For Review: The Burson Conductor and Timekeeper!

In for Review, from Down Under: The Australian made Burson Conductor DAC/Pre/Headphone amp ($1800) and Timekeeper power amplifier ($2600).   ________________________________________________________________


In For Review:

Just arrived…the Empirical Audio Synchro-Mesh reclocker.

It was designed to reduce jitter from various digital sources including Sonos, Squeezebox, disc players. Stay tuned.



In For Review: C.I.A. PLC-1 MK II and Transient MKII

Just arrived!
The Channel Islands Audio PLC-1 MKII Passive Line Controller ($899) along with their Transient MKII USB DAC/converter ($699)




Musical Fidelity M1 Series CDT transport:

Full Review Here:



Recommended Album: Nick Cave’s Lawless OST

The soundtrack to  the feature film, Lawless, written by Australian legend Nick Cave, is a hidden treasure that is a must have for fans of Gothic folk and country. Featuring a stellar group of musicians and vocalists, including Cave, Emm Lou Harris, Mark Lanegan, Willie Nelson, and Ralph Stanley. Songs by Cave, Townes Van Zandt, and even the Velvet Underground are given original treatments.

The film it self is very intriguing and highly entertaining. It stars Shia LeBouf and Tom Hardy, as bootleggers in Virginia as they battle corrupt lawmen, Chicago gangsters, and their own legend. The music an important aspect of the film, woven into the fabric of the story, very much like with O’ Brother Where Art Thou. The album is highly recommendedas a work of art unto its self.



Album Review:

David Bowie: The Next Day


By Dr. Rockenstein

Quick! In one word describe David Bowie’s music.

(insert Jeopardy theme song)

If we accept that all music triggers emotion, then my word for Bowie is “unsettling.” That’s not a bad thing. All revolutions are disturbances. Rock n’ Roll is the avowed enemy of the status quo, and that makes David Bowie some kind of futuristic high priest of cyborg cool.

Read full review HERE:



New Review: Bogdan Audio Creations Art Deco:

Now up on Avrev.com, my review of the Bogdan Audio Creations Art Deco loudspeaker.

Priced at $2600, this coaxial driver design is a paragon of coherence. A must hear in this price range.

See review HERE:



Just in for review:

The NuForce DDA-100 direct digital amplifier. MSRP is $550.

5 digital inputs, 75 WPC.



Review is live!: The MAD 1920 monitor

From the U.K.: The My Audio Design 1920S Monitor. The 1920S is $3450. http://www.avrev.com/home-theater-lo…rs-review.html



A pair of recommended Albums!

HIGHLY Recommended: Joseph Arthur: The Ballad Of Boogie Christ Also available in 24 bit/48 khz download from the Society Of Sound. http://www.allmusic.com/album/the-ba…t-mw0002537851 “To say that The Ballad of Boogie Christ is inspired is an understatement. It was written, performed, cut, and mixed with great care, and as such delivers Arthur’s creative vision with abundant emotional power.” Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood: Black Pudding. Mark Lanegan has been quite prolific recently. The last 7 years have seen the Seattle singer product some of his very best work in my opinion, including the immaculate Bubblegum, the stellear Blues Funeral, and his duet albums with Isobel Cambell. This is more gothic folk electronica. A dramatic soundtrack to a movie that only exists in Lanegan’s head. http://www.allmusic.com/artist/mark-…n-mn0000287350



 Review is live!

The Darwin Cable Company Ascension Silver IC:

You can read the review HERE:



In For Review: the Bogdan Audio Creations Art Deco speaker

I just received in for review the Bogdan Audio Creations Art Deco speaker.

They sell for $2600.

It uses a Seas coaxial driver, a very unique cabinet design finished solid cherry, and exceptional craftsman ship.

It is rated at 8 Ohms, 88 Db sensitivity, and goes down to the mid 40s.

I did not know what to expect, but out of the box, I was extremely impressed.

I set them up casually in my bedroom system just until I make room in the main system, and they still sounded great.

It actually reminded me of the Kef LS50 in a big way..surprise, since they both use coaxial drivers.

Stay tuned…… P1020649



High-Fidelity.com Is Now Online

Atlanta, GA, USA – June 3, 2013 – The myriad throngs of audiophile and music-enthusiast sites available over the internet is dizzying, and trying to stay informed about interesting articles regarding products, music, and events is a very daunting – if not impossible – task for the casual enthusiast. 20-year industry veteran Chris Sommovigo has now launched a new website that serves to aggregate links from review and enthusiast websites from around the world and bring them to a single-paged destination on the web: www.High-Fidelity.com “I’m hoping to keep it interesting and fun, and to work symbiotically with audiophile and music sites from around the globe by directing traffic their way. Meanwhile, we’re finding great stories about products that our readers might find interesting – and might not know are out there. It’s intended to be a very positive situation for everyone.” Some of the links that originate in non-English-language websites are directed through Google’s translation service, helping the English-reader to enjoy and profit from the information in the articles. One aspect of the site may, however, prove to be somewhat controversial: the Free Classifieds section. But Mr. Sommovigo feels that this is an excellent way to add value to his service.




New Review: Transparent Entry Level Cables!

Now live on avrev.com, my review of the Transparent Audio The Wave speaker cable and The Link Interconnect.  See full review HERE:




My review of the $998 a pair SVS Ultra Boookshelf speakers.

Big sound, well built, and extreme coherence: Review is HERE:



Album Review! 

Todd Rundgren: State


See review here:



Check out the new review of the Opera Mezza loudspeaker on Avrev.com:


Review is HERE:


In the house, slated for review for Tone Audio:


The U.K. made Music First Classic Preamp V2 passive linestage.

P1020573 R

Stay tuned!


My review of the $1499 Wyred4Sound mINT Integrated amplifier/DAC is now online:

See the review HERE:



Download Tone Audio Issue 54:

Download here:

See my reviews of the Polk LSiM 703 and Definitive Technology SM65 speakers!

Plus tons more!




World Premiere Review: The Densen B-110 Integrated Amplifier

World Premiere Review:

The Densen B-110 Integrated Amplifier:

by Andre Marc


Densen Audio Technologies may be unknown to many high end audio enthusiasts in the US, but in Europe and Asia, they are considered among the top tier of high performance audio. Densen has never had good luck with US importers, but I think they have a dedicated, hard working partner in True Harmonix, based in WA.

Read the review HERE.



New Review:

The Vanatoo Transparent One Active monitors!

Click For Review:




New Review: The MyTek Stereo 192-DSD DAC!

by Andy Schaub and Andre Marc

Featured in Positive-Feedback:





New review is live…!

The Rein Audio X3-DAC


Click here



In For Review:

Transparent Audio MusicWave Speaker Cables:

These are the entry level cables in the Transparent line, starting at around $225 for an 8 foot pair.




Very informative article on the Mojo Audio website!

How to Break In Cables and Components




Download TONE Audio Issue 53 here:





Review: Darwin Cables Silver Interconnects:

by Andre Marc High end, “audiophile” grade cables are maybe the most controversial aspect of a high performance home audio playback system.  Controversial because there are some companies asking as much as a Porsche Boxster for an eight-foot length of speaker cable. One very prominent, well known cable designer with decades of experience told me he just could not understand this kind of arbitrary pricing for what is essentially a few ounces of copper, silver, and plastic.  All that being said, cabling is basically a necessary evil.  Although cables are often categorized as accessories, I feel they are actually components in and of themselves. Cables for an audio system may not be optional, but there are so many cables on the market, representing every price point and design principle, it can be daunting.  I subscribe to the theory that the best cable is no cable, but since, as noted, this is not possible, the best we can hope for is that cables do the least amount of harm as possible. This means that a careful recipe of conductor, dielectric, connector, and all the various other elements must be assembled, tested, and finalized.


Click Here for Entire Review!



New Review!

The Marantz SA-11S3 SACD Player/DAC Review is live!




In For Review: The Densen B-110 Integrated Amplifier:

Just arrived! The B-110 60 wpc integrated amplifier. This Danish beauty sells for $2200 and is slated for review on servingthemusic.com next month. Stay tuned!




Brand New Review Is Live!

The Rogue Ninety-Nine Preamp!



Concert Review: Uli Jon Roth Live in San Diego 01/27/13

Uli Jon Roth Live: Click Here

Uli 2



In For Review: Silver Interconnects from Darwin Cable: Just came in..a pair of  1 meter solid core silver intereconnects from Darwin Cable.  These are sold directly from the their website, www.darwincables.com for $245 per pair. They also make speaker, digital coax, and phono cables. Check them out. They will be reviewed for Serving The Music next month.



In For Review:

 The Vanatoo Transparent One active monitors: Just arrived! A pair of cherry Transparent One active monitors from Vanatoo. The sell for $499 and pair and include digital and analog inputs. Slated for review in avrev.com in lase March. P1020489



In For Review:

The Bob Carver Black Magic Tube Amp

Just arrived: The Bob Carver Black Magic 20 wpc tube power amplifier. It uses four EL84M output tubes, and sells for $2500. Scheduled for review in Tone Audio. P1020478


In For Review:

The Wyred4Sound mINT Integrated Amp/DAC

Just in, slated for review in Tone Audio, the $1500 Wyred4Sound mINT Integrated amplifier/DAC. This little 100 wpc American made unit sports a TosLink, Coaxial, and USB input, as well as two analog inputs. P1020476



Now Available For Download: Tone Audio Issue 52: The Music Issue

Find it here:




In For Review:

The lovely made in Italy Opera Mezza two way monitor. These are scheduled for review in avrev.com in late Spring.  I will be posting a preview soon. OperaMezza


This interesting and informative article appears on the Mojo Audio website.

Misconceptions About Computer Audio


New Review!

The  review of the KECES DC-116 Regulated Power Supply is live in Positive-Feedback issue 65. albertdc116_010



In For Review: Rein Audio X3-DAC


Just arrived..the Rein Audio X3-DAC. This is the second DAC  I will be reviewing from the German company Rein Audio. I previously reviewed and liked their X-DAC. This $1800 unit has optical, coaxial, AES/EBU, and USB 2.0 inputs all 192 Khz capable, with optional upsampling.



Brand New Review:

Check out my review of the Audience aR2p Power Condtioner!




New Discovery: Singer Imelda May

Imelda May is a talented Irish singer who uses classic rockabilly, blues, country, lounge jazz, and more as a framework for her excellent songs and distinctive vocals. She is a powerhouse live performer, and she knocked me out with her appearance on Later With Jools Holland. She has three great albums to her name, and has done recordings with others including Jeff Beck. imelda-may-love-tattoo-cd



 CES 2013 is a wrap!

CES 2013 is over! There are some quality show reports already online. I will provide updated links as more reports become available. Check these out: SoundStage Global Stereophile AudioStream



In the House: The Marantz SA-11S3 SACD Player/DAC


This stunning, $4000 disc spinner plays CDs, SACDs, and has three digital inputs, along with an input for an iPod, or a USB storage device. Slated for review in avrev.com for early March.

In The House: the Rogue Audio Ninety-Nine Preamplifier


Priced at $2595, this made in the U.S.A. tube preamp is slated for review in avrev.com in late February.



New Discovery: Singer Kristina Train:


American born, London based singer Kristina Train is a great talent I discovered while watching one of my favorite music shows, Later With Jools Holland.  Her new album, Dark Black, is excellent.  It has a Chris Isaak, Roy Orbison romanticism and great songs. It was produced by the brilliant Ed Harcourt, a major recording artist in his own right, and one of my favorite contemporary recording artists.

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